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About iOS App “pray with kodou”

About iOS App

This app invites you to a participatory art experience that expresses your life as light. Anyone with an iOS device can now participate in the art experience of pray with kodou, feel each other’s lives, and feel respect and connection.

This app uses the camera of your iOS device to measure your pulse from your finger and visualize your heartbeat. Previously, you needed a dedicated IoT device to participate in our art experience.

About privacy

In order to share the same experience from all over the world via the Internet, this app sends and stores data (time stamp, time information) related to the timing when your pulse undulates in a database on the cloud, and that data The above works (artistic expression) are realized by using. (“Participation in online works” function)

The data sent and stored does not include any personal information that identifies you. (In order to distinguish it from the timing of other user, the application ID that changes each time this app is installed is sent together with the time stamp. This data transmission can be disabled in the “settings.” app.)

With the participation of the users of this application, the following video works (generative art) will be created. (This is an image created by the light of life of everyone who participated in 2020.)

Realtime Visualization

Please enjoy the app while opening the following URL on a device other than the iOS device running the app (such as another PC or tablet). Your heartbeat is visualized in real time. Please enjoy it with multiple people at the same time. (Since it is a beta version, it may become unstable depending on the time of day. If you want to use it at your event etc., please contact us in advance.)

Tutorial Movie

This is a tutorial video on how to use the app. Please see the tips on how to hold an iOS device.


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