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privacy policy

privacy policy

Yoshihiko SUKO (”I”) provides “pray with kodou” App. This page informs you(“users”) of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information I receive from users of this App.

1. Details of Information

    (1) An identifier (application ID) that is automatically generated by the application at the first startup without identifying the user individually     (2) Information such as pulse timing estimated from changes in fingertip light intensity acquired from the camera Regarding (1), the identifier generated by this application changes every time this application is installed. The application ID is never associated with the user’s personal information or the information that identifies the device, and this application does not acquire any information that identifies the user individually. Regarding (2) This application is not intended for medical practice or medical practice. In addition, regarding the data such as heartbeat timing acquired by this application, it is not possible to restore the biometric information at the medical level of the user from the measured information.

2. Purpose and method of handling

If the online work participation function is OFF: (1) will be used for user support. The application ID is retained inside the application and is never sent to the outside. (2) is used to visualize the beating heartbeat (heartbeat rhythm) as light. It is not stored after being used inside the application and is deleted. When the online work participation function is ON: (1) is used to identify the person’s heartbeat for displaying online works. It is sent and stored in a database (Google Cloud Firestore) managed by us without identifying the user individually. (2) is used to display and visualize the heartbeat (heartbeat rhythm) that symbolizes each person’s life as light in the display of online works. It is sent to and stored in the database (Google Cloud Firestore) on the cloud server managed by us, with the accuracy that cannot be restored as biometric information at the medical level that cannot identify individual users.

3. Notification, Publication, Consent, Opt-out

1) Notification / Publication Notifications and publications regarding this policy will be made by posting on this application or our website. 2) Obtaining consent By downloading and using the app, the user is deemed to have agreed to this privacy policy. 3) How to opt out of “Participation in online works” function “Participation in online works” function can be switched ON/OFF from the screen displayed by opening the Apple original “Settings”.app and selecting the item “pray with kodou” .

4.Delete information

By contacting the inquiry window for the application ID, the information related to the application ID will be deleted from the database on the cloud server.

5.External transmission, third party provision, information collection module

(1) External transmission Information sent externally will be sent/stored on the server (Google Cloud Firebase) of the hosting company that we outsource. (2) Provision to a third party We may provide the acquired user information to a third party in the following cases. ・When providing in a state where the user cannot be identified such as statistical data ・When it is necessary to collaborate with external creators (artists) to create and improve online works. ・When disclosure or provision is required in accordance with laws and regulations (3) Information collection module This application includes the following information collection modules. Information Collection Module: Google Cloud Firestore Privacy policy of Google:


If you have any comments, questions, complaints, or other inquiries regarding the handling of user information regarding this privacy policy, please contact the following contact. Name: Yoshihiko SUKO E-mail: info ( <- replace “space” to “at mark”)


I will change this policy at our discretion. However, if there is a change in the acquired user information, purpose of use, or provision to a third party, we will notify you on this application or our website.

8.Last Update

Last update:  Mar 12, 2021