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How to Join

“pray with kodou” is hosted online once a month during the night of a new moon.
Participants will receive a “kodou” once they are registered.
With this “kodou,” you can join online from anywhere.

Upcoming Prays

(about 90min)

my kodou time

Spend some time with yourself with your heartbeat.

silent kodou / kodou dialogue

Silently, watching each other’s “kodou,” feeling life.

pray with kodou

Send prayers to those that are dear.

  • *After the above 90 minutes program ends, talk with the participants about your experience for about another hour We provide some extra time. This is optional. The room will be brightened up for this purpose.
  • *This flow is the basic version. Each time, the content and schedule will change. Please check the details page of each event.

Flow of Experience

  • ~1 week in advance

    You can register to the event up to 1 week prior to the event date.

  • 6~1 day in advance

    In order for each person to have a peaceful and rich experience, everyday a short message will be sent to prepare the mind and body. Around a few days before the event, a “kodou” will be sent to your home

  • On the day

    Please participate from a space where you can relax and keep dark and quiet. Send prayers to those that are dear, to those that are far.

  • Afterwards

    The video with everyone quietly praying will be published online on that day.
    In the darkness, only the light of the heartbeat will glow.
    Everyone’s life and prayers will be expressed as an artwork of light.

Asking favors /about price

Pay it forward: Please pay a participation fee as a means to pay it forward.
This project itself is supported by the good will of many people. We do not ask for a fixed participation fee. Rather than paying a participation fee, please pay a fee that “you felt like paying” after the event so as to pay it forward for the next person to enjoy the same experience. (To give you an idea, “kodou” costs about 2,000 yen for the materials only + shipping.)
Please only register if you can participate in the experience.
Please register only if you would like to have this experience or send your prayers. The members are most heartbroken when people register knowing that it is free and receive the device without participating. If you happen to become unavailable after receiving the device, please let us know in advance and participate in the experience in the following month or later.
Please set up your environment for participating in the experience.
Participants must “be able to join using ZOOM and keep the room quiet and dark.” If you are afraid your child’s voice may interfere, please just mute your mic and relax.
Please support us by sending messages with #praywithkodou.
After your experience we would be grateful if you can share a post with the light of “kodou” and what you felt with the hashtag #praywithkodou. We sincerely hope that people all around the world can connect beyond race, religion, value, age, and gender to send prayers.
You do not need to return “kodou.”
Please use “kodou” freely even after the event. Use it with your family, children, friends, and colleagues. We will be thrilled if you can continue the experience of feeling each other’s pulse.

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We look forward to participation from across the globe.

Q and A
Frequently asked questions

Can we participate as a family?
We would really like that to happen. However, considering our current status, we would like to have as many people as possible participate in the experience, so at this point, we are limiting the number of “kodou” to one per household. In addition, even if you would like to participate as a family, we are limiting participants to one person per registration. In the future, we would like to expand our efforts to make family participation possible.
I am afraid the theme of praying sounds too deep for me to participate.
Some people may think praying is something special. However, for example, you may wish your family or friends a safe trip during travel or work, or naturally wish your family a healthy and good year during the New Years. We believe praying is a normal activity that is included in our daily lives. Some people may not be using the term “praying” in daily life, but we believe anyone has experienced praying.
I am suspicious. Are you going to ask me to join some sort of religion?
We are not affiliated with any religious organizations. We do not see this project as a religious activity, but a means of universal cultural expression similar to that of human dialogue, providing an opportunity to experience this. We do not wish to recommend or deny any particular religion or belief. In addition, we do not impose any ideology whatsoever.
I want to participate with that person that I cannot meet so often.
Nowadays it is difficult to meet people overcoming the physical distance. Please make the necessary arrangements and participate together to feel each other’s pulse. Once you have participated in our “pray with kodou” event, then feel free to use “kodou” with anyone you like such as your family, loved ones, and friends in a distance.

We are always grateful for your support

We accept monetary support including donations
Feel your own heartbeat. See everyone’s life glowing online. Think of someone close, someone far, and send your prayers. We hope to deliver such experiences to as many people as possible across the globe. Donations made will be used for development, production, delivery, and the like for the experience.
eople who can work together on production
We are looking for people who can help with the production of small spheres made of hemp string, the electronic work, etc. for creating “kodou.” Usually, the production takes place in a home garage in Tokyo.
People who can help with making “kodou” kits together
In the future, instead of delivering “kodou,” we would like to make it easy for participants to build it using a kit and lower the hurdles for joining. Children can build their own glowing sphere that links with your pulse and connect with people in a distance. We would like to realize this kind of experience through creating a building kit. Please contact us if you are interested in developing such kits (corporations are also welcome).
Performers that would like to collaborate
All audiences have “kodou” in hand watching your stage. The audience seats will be rippling with life’s rhythm. If you are a performer and would like to sing a prayer or dance to the rhythm of light, please feel free to contact us.
Filmmakers, photographers, software engineers, etc. that would like to help with production
We need multiple talents to deliver this experience all around the world. We are currently working on various projects including film production using “pray with kodou” footages from across the globe, app development for those who don’t have “kodou,” to have a similar experience through smartphones, physical analysis of the collective rhythm of light, etc. Please contact us if you have experienced “pray with kodou” and would like to spread the experience to the world.

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